Jamaica is at war with criminals

Jamaica. A layman’s crime plan.

With a population of approximately 2.7 million, Jamaica has maintained one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world for decades. Successive governments have been unable or unwilling to manage the growth in indiscipline & disorder, endemic corruption or the daily slaughter of its citizens.

Jamaica has recorded 25 murders in the first 4 days of 2018, or 6.25 murders per day.

Jamaica recorded 1,616 murders for 2017, 266 or 20% more murders than 2016.

Jamaica’s 2017 murder count equals a rate of 58 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

It’s the 3rd highest ever, surpassed only in 2009 (1,683 murders) and 2005 (1,670 murders).

Grim Reaper

In the absence of any communicated crime plan [albeit it was a condition of the appointment of the Police Commissioner], with the stratospheric growth of indiscipline & disorder, and with what seems an unstoppable murder rate, I propose the following ‘Crime Plan’ as a layman, albeit a corporate security professional and practitioner for the past 23 years.

  1. Establishment of a working group comprised of leaders of industry, members of both political parties, heads of the JCF and JDF and security & other professionals. Group not to exceed 12 persons.
  2. Communication via media, main stream and social, of the working group and its aims and objectives – to include social work to be implemented plus plan outline to tackle crime, murder rate and indiscipline. Time frame to be included for social deliverables and implementation of plan.
  3. Identification and communication via local media, mainstream and social, of areas known as hot-spots.
  4. Cost analyses of each identified area to determine expenditure needed for social & infrastructural updates and beautification programme.
  5. Sourcing of required funds.
  6. Installation in each identified area of converted 40’ container as control post for police & military personnel. A three-shift system with eight persons per shift. Two vehicles per post. Each post equipped with CCTV, communications and all other required equipment.
  7. Selection of three teams of 40 personnel each from the police and military formed on the likes of the Untouchables created to deal with the mafia crime wave in the US. Fully resourced in terms of equipment, vehicles, communications etc. Team leaders report directly to the working group and the Untouchables are outside of the scope of any other oversight group.
  8. Start of infrastructural and beautification programmes in each identified area employing local people, managed by a civic & cross-functional political party team selected for each area.
  9. Identification and public naming of each of the reported 258 gangs in existence and their area of operations. Public naming of known individuals in each gang.
  10. Gangs and individuals are to be named as outlaw or terrorist organisations or individuals.
  11. Communication via all local media, mainstream and social, that all named gangs and individuals are to report to a given control post within 48 hours.
  12. Public communication via all local media, mainstream and social, of the implementation of a 72 hours to a safer Jamaica plan in all major towns and thoroughfare intersections. This is the implementation of the Broken Windows Theory and Zero Tolerance for breaches of legislation enabling taking back all public spaces from criminal elements. More details on 72 hours can be found at http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/focus/20151011/72-hours-safer-jamaica. I include an excerpt from the recommendation by Martin Henry: ‘Our security forces, with full respect for human rights, on a day not to be announced, must move to take control of the town centres and commercial hubs and transport centres of our major townships by sheer presence. Almost as a military operation. They must control with presence the known urban crime hotspots. They must take out of circulation crime leaders and gang leaders on even minor but stickable offences. They must police the softer quality of life laws as well, which will not only improve quality of life but send a massive national signal of seriousness of intent in restoring law and public order… in 72 hours, three days, for a start, Jamaica can visibly start to become a safer place. With measurable reductions starting to happen in murders, extortion, scamming, praedial larceny, robberies, traffic violations, public transport violations, vending violations, environmental breaches, noise abatement violations. The whole gamut of crime, lawlessness, and disorder.’
  13. Implementation of 72 hours to a safer Jamaica.
  14. Communication via all local media, mainstream and social, of a reward system for handing in or providing reliable information on the whereabouts of the known and named gangs and individuals. Reward system to start at JMD$1M per individual. Information to be channeled directly to a selected group of established civic society personnel for dissemination to the three teams established as the Untouchables.
  15. Launch of Untouchables to bring in the outlaws.

Jamaica gangs



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