I am a Security and Property Consultant helping individuals and firms secure and enhance their personal and business investments. I provide independent, cost-effective and leading edge security and property services & solutions – whether you are returning home, on international assignment, visiting for a holiday/business, or whether you are a local or NRS.jpgglobal firm requiring premium risk, security and property services.
21 years in security, risk and property management, locally & globally, gives us the cutting edge for realistic, cost-effective solutions. We take the time to understand your concerns and design and implement your programme. We use proven practical strategies to generate results.
We provide assessments with recommendations for your next best steps to ensure you achieve your results – FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.
People security and safety | corporate security | executive protection | property consulting | manufacturing, warehousing and logistics security | events security and safety | crisis management and business continuity | investigations | security awareness training | contractor management | leadership coach | Blogger and short story writer
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